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Leolina is a family store with special toys.

Why wooden toys? Because we love children very much.

Improving the quality of growing up is the basic motive of LeoLine.

Inspired by a happy childhood, we cooperate with educators, take care of our little ones and find manufacturers who guarantee product safety with numerous certificates, i.e. we only look for the best!

We only sell what we would buy ourselves; and this includes ecological materials and paints, careful manufacturing and tests carried out in accordance with high European quality standards.

We present high-quality, educational and durable toys that encourage the proper development of the child.

Leolina follows the latest trends in the production of children's toys and strives to witness the most beautiful childhood memories.

This is OUR STORY ❤️

Do you know who LeoLina is?

LeoLina is not just a children's toy store.

A few years ago, my husband, children and I came up with the idea to make our children (relatives, friends) happy in a special way before Christmas.
We found quality materials, sewed a wonderful suit for Santa Claus, packed presents and all together excitedly set off on a tour of our dear homes.
The children and their parents were delighted with the gifts and grandfather, and our happiness was indescribable.
The photo shows our family and the experience of distributing Christmas presents.
We continued the tradition every year before Christmas.
The photo shows our and your LeoLina.
These are our children, LEOnardo and KaroLINA.
My husband Davor is in the role of Santa Claus (otherwise he is thinner when he is not Santa Claus 😅), and I am Elizabeta, Santa's assistant and LeoLine admin - so you know when you write to me 😊
It was the immense love for children that encouraged us to look for more ways to make them happy.
We found quality and durable toys that we wanted to offer to little ones.
Toys that can be passed down through generations, toys that teach children and contribute to development.
Our children are older, so they don't play anymore, but that's why they help with the selection and think about what could make the younger ones happy.

The LeoLina brand started in the family and wants to stay in the family.
Because family is everything, and children are the most beautiful miracle on earth.

We hope that the toys will bring lots of smiles, love and play together.
Let's play and enjoy with our children.
They grow up too fast, but we will never forget the little happy arms in our arms.
LeoLina loves you ❤️

Elizabeta d.o.o.
Crna bara 73, Mrzović (Osijek)
33284 Old Mikans
OIB 01174282111
MB 5601509
IBAN: HR6923400091111190732 PBZ d.d.

Phones - sales department:
+385 (091) 1719 587

Working hours:
MON-FRI 8:00-16:00

The company is registered with the Commercial Court in Osijek under no. Tt-22/4681-2, MB: 5601509
The basic capital of the company amounts to HRK 20,000.00 and has been paid in full.
Board members: Elizabeta Kalić

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