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Attention all little walkers!

All possible types of play fun are guaranteed with this baby walker and its many accessories!

It is made of robust, partially laminated wood.

In addition to learning to walk, children can practice their first mechanical tasks with many different play options.

Children can play with a hammer, screwdriver and wrench with the help of the many holes in the upper part of the walker, and the tools can be stored inside - especially by inserting them into the corresponding opening on the front.

With all sorts of accessories, little ones can screw, drill and hammer - there's even a vise with a rotating spindle!

All threads are correct and all accessories can be permanently attached to the walker.

The walker is an excellent aid - it helps with movement coordination, strengthening the first steps, improving balance and stability. Rubber wheels reduce noise and are slip-resistant, train dexterity and motor skills and keep young children mobile.

The most desirable accessory in a modern children's room.

The trendy design is matched with modern colors, and the durability of the toy will serve the child for many years due to its quality and countless possibilities of inspiration for play.

Premium quality.

Dimensions: approx. 34 x 36 x 44 cm, handle height approx. 42 cm

Manufacturer: Small foot company, Germany


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